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Which Hair Extensions Are Best?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Izabela Karnas the best luxury hair extensions in Temecula

With so many different options on the market, the world of hair extensions can be tricky to navigate. If you’re new to the hair extension game, you’ll quickly find that not all hair extensions are created equal. If you’re looking for long, voluminous locks that make head turns, luxury hair extensions are definitely the way to go. Cheaper options are not only less aesthetically pleasing, but they can cause serious damage to your natural hair. (No, thank you!)

Today, I’m sharing everything you need to know about two hair extension game-changers: Natural Beaded Rows and Invisible Bead Hair Extensions.

The 411: Natural Beaded Rows

Izabela Karnas the best natural beaded row extensions in Temecula

If you’ve been dreaming of finding a hair extension method that looks and feels totally natural, Natural Beaded Rows will make those dreams come true. While it may be more expensive, the quality of silky-smooth Natural Beaded Row Extensions speaks for itself. Choosing this luxury extension style has several benefits:

  1. The application process does not require tape or glue, so your natural hair and scalp will stay protected from excessive pulling.

  2. With Natural Beaded Row Extensions, your hair can still continue growing strong, keeping hair consistently healthy and full while wearing them.

  3. The sew-in beaded method is discrete and low-maintenance, making it virtually impossible to tell that you have extensions in. (Yes, even when you’re rocking that sleek high pony!)

  4. Your extensions can be easily custom-colored to match your natural hair.

So, are hair extensions permanent? Though Natural Beaded Rows don’t last forever, you can expect your extensions to last 4-6 months with proper care. The removal process for Natural Beaded Rows is also incredibly simple as only the beads and string need to be removed - no pesky glue or tape residue will be left behind!

The Lowdown: Invisible Bead Extensions

Izabela Karnas the best hand tied hair extensions in Temecula

If you are still asking yourself, “Which hair extensions should I get?” then it is time to introduce you to Invisible Bead Extensions. Similar to Natural Beaded Rows, Invisible Bead Extensions also do not require tape or glue for a secure hold. In lieu of small beads, Invisible Bead Extensions are hand-tied for an envy-inducing natural look.

Invisible Bead Extensions also:

  1. Prevent damage and pulling to your hair.

  2. Blend seamlessly with your own locks.

  3. Look good on virtually all hair types.

  4. Last longer (up to 9-12 months).

Because the extensions are sewn into your hair, you won’t have to worry about revealing your hair secrets when trying different hairstyles. Invisible Bead Extensions also happen to be extremely comfortable as there is no tension or irritation to the scalp.

With proper care, Invisible Bead Extensions can last 9-12 months; however, maintenance is required every 7-10 weeks to keep your extensions looking on point. Like with Natural Beaded Rows, your trusted stylist can also custom color your extensions, so they look as close to your natural hair shade as possible.

The Dream: Natural-Looking Luxury Hair Extensions

Izabela Karnas the best luxury hair extensions in Temecula

Dream look, dream locks. As the premier hair extensions salon in Temecula, CA, we know exactly how to bring your vision to life in a natural and hair-healthy way. With luxury hair extensions from Izabela Karnas, you’ll really be California dreaming. Still not convinced? Check out our hair extensions reviews and book a consultation today!

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Dec 03, 2021

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