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Will Hand-Tied Extensions Damage My Hair?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Are you thinking about investing in extensions to help you get your dream look? Are you hesitating for fear of hair extensions damage? If you’re ready to show off longer, fuller hair but are concerned about whether extensions cause damage to your natural hair, you’re not alone. Many clients ask, will hair extensions damage my hair?

Let’s ease those fears, and show you why hand-tied extensions are the best option to prevent damage while nailing your dream look.

Wait, What Are Hand-Tied Extensions?

wavy thick blonde hair with extensions

Hand-tied hair extensions are gently sewn into the hair by attaching wefts to your natural hair. One reason we love this method is it avoids any damaging heat or glue during the application or removal of your hair extensions. I use two main types of hand-tied extension methods at our luxury hair salon in Temecula, CA: natural beaded row extensions and invisible bead extensions.

model with hair extensions in Temecula, CA

Natural Beaded Row Extensions

The natural beaded row (NBR) hair extension method was created to achieve flawlessly natural-looking results with little to no discomfort or damage. NBR hair extensions use hand-tied wefts of hair to create length and volume. With this type of hand-tied extension, a track is applied using beads and string to evenly distribute the weight of the hair extensions across the scalp.

Invisible Bead Extensions

Invisible bead extensions (IBE) are a hair extension method that uses a flexible, beaded foundation for ease of movement and comfort when wearing them.

The IBE method hides the attachment points completely and is best suited for fine hair types.

Are Hand-Tied Extensions Bad for My Hair?

Machine wefts are usually thicker and heavier and often pull down on the hair in a way that hand-tied wefts don’t. Which means you won’t get hair extensions damage from my methods (I hear you cheering over there!). In fact, hand-tied extensions such as NBR hair extensions and invisible bead extensions were specifically created to minimize damage from hair extension installation and removal.

Can Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss isn’t common with hand-tied extensions but could happen if your extensions aren’t installed properly. If you have underlying hair loss issues and add friction to your scalp, you might notice some hair loss though. If your hair is extra sensitive or you’re prone to hair loss, take a break in between installations to let the hair and scalp be thoroughly cleansed and strengthened.

Benefits of Choosing Hand-Tied Extensions

When installed correctly and cared for properly, hand-tied hair extension wearers often notice an increase in the strength and length of their hair compared to other hair extension methods.

Another benefit of NBR extensions or IBE is that there’s no tape or adhesive needed, which makes removal or maintenance quick, easy, and painless at each follow-up appointment.

before and after of hair extension

Save Your Hair and Invest in Hand-Tied Extensions

Say goodbye to hair extensions damage and say hello to hand-tied extensions! When you choose NBR hair extensions or IBE, you’ll love knowing you’re getting luxury hair extensions that will MAKE those dream locks, not break ‘em. Book your appointment today at our luxury hair salon in Temecula, CA!


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