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Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions on Blonde Woman

For any woman who's ever WISHED her ponytail wasn't so thin & her hair wasn't so short:


(With natural-looking, low-maintenance extensions that keep the rest of your hair healthy!)

Close-up photo of blonde hair extensions recently installed on a model, with the sun shining and her hair blowing in the wind while she looks down and touches her hair.

Maybe you used to have a gorgeous, shampoo-commercial-worthy head of hair that’s started thinning as you got older…

Maybe you’ve tried every last hair growth hack out there but you’ve never managed to grow your hair past your shoulders…


Maybe you’ve tried getting extensions before, but your hair girl never managed to get the color or shaping right so they ended up looking choppy & fake…


Or maybe you’re just not super confident in the way you look right now because your good hair days are too few and far between.


If you’ve ever scrolled through social media and thought to yourself, “Why doesn’t my hair look like that?”


This one’s for you.

Close-up photo of blonde hair extensions recently installed on a model, with her looking directly at the camera.

You don’t just need extensions… you need a

One that will keep your hair as healthy as possible…AND allow you to achieve the natural-looking, full hair that will help you look and feel like the very best version of yourself.


(Because YES, you deserve to feel that way!)

Hey there, I'm IZABELA!

(AKA your hair's new best friend)

I’m THE go-to Temecula hair extensions expert for natural-looking, comfortable, “Holy shit your hair looks AMAZING” hair extensions.


From hair that’s so thin you have to wrap a ponytail holder around it five times to medical-related hair loss to hair that’s mysteriously stopped growing to bad-extension horror stories, I’ve seen it all throughout my 15 years of doing hair.


I’m certified in the two best, most popular types of extensions (IBE & NBR, if you’ve been doing your research!) and I only use the most high-end hand-tied hair extensions out there. 


I’m also a color expert (blonde & beyond) who specializes in giving women their super-custom DREAM hair – lived-in, natural, stunning extensions that make them feel absolutely beautiful every day.


(In other words, people won’t say “Hey, your extensions look good!” They’ll say, “Wow, your hair looks AMAZING!”)

Model with blonde hair extensions recently installed sitting in a field with a pond in the background, looking down.


Total Hair Transformation

In just one visit, I’ll help you achieve gorgeous, fuller, longer, more voluminous, low-maintenance, natural-looking hair… All custom-colored and custom-cut to enhance YOUR natural beauty and help you make YOUR hair dreams a reality.



First, during a no-commitment phone consultation, we’ll chat about your hair goals, figure out whether hair extensions are a good fit to help you achieve them, and schedule your transformation appointment. I’ll also answer any questions you may have!


The Total Hair Transformation Package includes the price of the most high-quality hand-tied hair extensions out there. They’re 100% real human hair, lightweight, full, voluminous, and so natural-looking – the luxurious kind celebrities use! We’ll choose which length of extensions to use based on your goals.


Whether you're looking for a major change, a natural lived-in blonce, or to enhance your natural color, custom coloring of both the hair on your head and your extensions it's all included in your service. (This is the KEY for making your extensions look totally seamless and natural)


Depending on your hair type and your preference, we’ll install your extensions using the best method for your hair. (They’ll be invisible, won’t damage your hair, blend seamlessly, are easy to remove, and take just 30-45 minutes per row.)


Next, I’ll give your existing hair and your extensions a haircut to create a stylish, natural-looking, blended shape.


Then, we’ll style your NEW hair & make it look perfect! I’ll give you tips as I go to help you achieve the same look at home (Plus, I’ll make sure you save my number so you can reach out to me anytime you have Qs!)


We’ll celebrate your new look with a few astonishing before & after shots so you can capture that new-hair new-you feeling forever!


Your Total Hair Transformation Appointment will take anywhere from 3-5 hours, depending on how many rows of extensions and how much color is needed. (I’ll provide you with an accurate time and price estimate at the end of our free consultation!) 


Imagine how it would feel to...

Have longer and fuller hair

You’re about to have a good hair day, every single day. (And no one will believe you have extensions unless you show them!)

Style your hair however you want & look great

You can wear your hair any way you want to without seeing the extensions. It even looks great in a bun or a ponytail – get ready to look hot at the gym!

Feel like the absolute best version of yourself

Long, thick, healthy hair makes you feel younger, more beautiful, and more confident. Prepare for tons of compliments!

Enjoy your social life

You know how you feel when you dress up for a wedding and know you’re looking damn good? My clients say extensions make them feel that way all the time. You’ll want to stand up straighter and put your heels on!

Know your hair is healthy, even with extensions

Using methods that put less stress on your hair, Izabela extensions are comfortable to wear and minimize damage.

Black and white model photo

Gorgeous Hair Transformations

Photo showing a before and after comparison of hair extension installation on blonde hair.

"Exceptionally talented and wonderful are understatements! For the first time in my life I walked out of a salon feeling beautiful and my hair exactly how I wanted! No one had been able to get my hair this blonde before! I love it"

 Janet Betancourt

Your bad hair days are numbered

If you’ve been nodding along and you KNOW this hair transformation is exactly what you need… I’m not gonna make you wait for it! You deserve to have your dream hair ASAP.


I currently have availability for new clients in a matter of weeks. (Not months!)


The button below will take you to a brief form to fill out, then you’ll be able to schedule a short phone consultation with me, Izabela!

You're going to LOVE your new hair!

I’m confident we can completely transform your hair and I stand behind my work 100%.


Within a week of your hair transformation appointment, if you have an issue, come back to my chair and I will do everything in my power (whatever your hair will allow me to do!) to make sure you’re thrilled with your new hair. 

  • Will people know I got extensions?
    Not unless you tell them! Or if you happened to see them the day before when your hair was shoulder-length ;) I’m an expert at making your hair extensions look natural, healthy, laid-back, and lived-in – AND drop-dead gorgeous, of course.
  • How much does the Total Hair Transformation Package cost?
    The Total Hair Transformation Package starts at $1500. After your consultation, I’ll give you an accurate price quote depending on the length and number of rows desired. To maintain your extensions, plan on coming back every 8-10 weeks for a quick 30-45 minute move-up at $210 per row.
  • How do I book a hair extension consultation?
    Click here! This link will take you to a brief Client Application form to fill out about your hair and goals. Then, you’ll be able to set up a FREE no-commitment consultation call.
  • Can I still go to the gym, swim, take showers, etc with extensions in?
    YES! You can put your hair up while you’re working out and look good while doing it, all without having any beads or tape or attachments exposed. You can also go swimming and wash your hair without damaging the extensions. I’ll make sure you clearly understand how to best care for your extensions when putting your hair up, swimming, sleeping, and showering before you leave my chair!
  • I’m not 100% sure this is right for me – can I book a consultation anyway?
    Absolutely! Booking a consultation doesn’t commit you to anything – it’s free, no credit card required, and takes just a few minutes. We’ll just chat about what you’re looking for and see if this package is a good fit for you and your hair goals! Click here to book.
Blonde hair extensions recently installed on model sitting in a field, turned away from the camera and looking back over her shoulder.


You deserve healthy, natural, GORGEOUS hair.

Let's make your #hairgoals a reality!

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