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Best Clean Hair Products for Healthy Hair

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Clean beauty is booming! Now, more than ever, consumers are focusing on their health, and the industry is projected to reach $22 billion by 2024.

Are you avoiding harsh chemicals and trying to be more conscious of your beauty routine? Yes! We’re so here for it!

You’ve probably got a ton of questions as you navigate all those clean haircare products though:

  • What are the best natural hair products?

  • What are the best products for healthy hair?

  • What are the best haircare products for damaged hair?

Let’s look at why clean beauty matters, how to grow healthy natural hair, and which clean haircare products will keep your hair looking flawless.

The Importance of Clean Haircare Products

So. You’ve switched from conventional haircare products to clean haircare products. Bravo!

Using clean hair products is really important if you want to keep your natural hair and hand-tied hair extensions looking fabulous. That’s because the ingredients in your products affect your hair’s overall health and appearance – and conventional haircare products usually contain harsh chemicals we’d rather not slather on our locks, like sulfates, phthalates, and parabens.

Clean Haircare Products

The Best Products for Healthy Hair

The clean beauty industry is rapidly evolving, and you know what that means: an influx of

natural hair products lining the shelves. Sorting through all the options can be difficult – and make getting started with clean haircare products challenging and confusing.

I get it – my clients always ask me, “What are the best natural hair products?” and “What are the best products for healthy hair?” You’re in luck because, whether you’re looking for the best hair care products for damaged hair or just want to add new clean hair products to your routine, I’ve got the answers!

Here are all of my favorite clean haircare products that’ll keep your lengthy locks looking fresh and healthy.

This calming shampoo is free from sulfates, parabens, and silicones, making it suitable for all hair types. (Even natural hair!) Here’s why it’s so amazing: Naturally nourishing active vegetal root juices brighten dull strands and vitamin B5 adds moisture to thirsty strands and serves up weightless volume, and pantothenic acid restores and repairs split ends. All of that adds up to silky strands!

Best Conditioner – Iles Formula Haute Performance

Another product that’s suitable for all hair types, Iles Formula Haute Performance will leave your hair soft and luscious – without residue buildup. This clean conditioner packs a powerful punch: Pracaxi seed oil moisturizes strands and adds shine, while vitamins E and B5 nourish hair and promote growth and a healthy scalp that withstands breakage. Truly one of the best haircare products for damaged hair!

Best Leave-In Conditioner – AIIR Sapphire Leave-In

AIIR Sapphire Leave-In, infused with Sapphire to restore balance, works wonders for all hair types and is gentle enough for daily use. This formula detangles and smooths hair, giving it a lustrous sine, while nutrient-rich coconut oil provides an extra layer of protection from harmful UV rays.

No conversation about the best clean haircare products is complete without this pampering hair mask! It’s the ultimate luxury if you want to condition your hair and add smooth softness. Tucuma seed butter helps combat free radicals and moisturize your locks, and vitamins E and B5, along with a helping hand from panthenol, help promote hair growth, keep your scalp healthy, and improve hair elasticity.

This serum is easily one of the best clean haircare products for damaged hair! Macadamia nut oils moisturize, strengthen, and fight frizz and tangles, and panthenol and vitamin B5 help reduce breakage. Iles Finishing Serum Haute Performance is perfect if you want to protect your hair against UV rays, heat styling tools, color fade, and humidity – without weighing it down.

Best Hair Spray – Flexible Hold AIIR Spray

This finishing spray gives you perfect shine and touchable soft hair every single time. Green tea extract infuses antioxidants, reducing frizz and the effects of humidity. And, if you need an extra vibe check, rose quartz helps lower stress levels and support a sense of peace. Yes, please!

Best Hair Oil – AIIR Jade Hair Oil

This luxurious hair oil locks in moisture and shine, tames flyaways, hydrates dry ends, softens strands, and protects against heat so you can avoid damage and frizz. Oh, and it adds a dose of good energy, thanks to jade and bay leaf, which promote overall wellness. Yep, it does all that while being one of the best clean hair products!

Need more calm in your life? (Don’t we all!) AIIR Amethyst + Energy Refresher doesn't just refresh hair, tame flyaways, and reduce frizz – it balances your crown chakra and calms your mind. Go ahead and liberally mist your room, your body, and your hair anytime you need get rid of any negative energy. The amethyst purifies your aura!

Best Texture Spray – Texture AIIR

Seriously one of the best clean haircare products for adding natural texture to your locks! You can apply this crystal-infused dry spray on your braids as a finishing touch or to updos for airy, weightless volume. The mica adds shine to tousled tresses, and the crystal quartz invites positive energy and feel-good vibes.

Best Texture Mousse – AIIR Texture Mousse

If you want weightless texture, all-over hold, and renewed thickness, apply this mousse to wet or dry hair and watch it transform into beautiful, tousled tresses. Volcanic ash refreshes your hair and pumps up the volume by absorbing excess oil. Hello, sexy tousled tresses!

Best Shine Spray – AIIR Shine Spray

The last (but definitely not the least) clean haircare product on the list is the AIIR Shine Spray. Any time you want to add brilliance and shine, just spritz your hair with this weightless mist that doubles as a reflective shield. Mica instantly tames frizz and flyaways, taking your mane to the next level.

Get the Best Clean Haircare Products from Izabela Karnas

Hair Stylist Giving Hair Appointment Consultation

Now that you know the answer to a super common question – “What are the best natural hair products?" – get ready for strong, healthy locks!

Want help creating your red-carpet hair moment? As a haircare and hair extensions expert who’s passionate about clean hair products, I’m always looking out for your locks. Come stop by our luxury salon in Temecula, CA, or book a consultation today.


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