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Must-See Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Before and Afters

Is there a better feeling than leaving the salon looking like a Hollywood star? We don’t think so! (Cue the wind blowing just-so and the sun shining on your perfectly styled tresses...)

Here’s the not-so-secret secret: with hand-tied extensions, you can easily get that red-carpet volume, length, and dimension that blends in perfectly with your natural hair.

If you’re like me and love a good makeover movement, get ready because I’m about to show you some gorgeous hair extensions before and after looks you’ve got to see to believe!) – all courtesy of two hair extensions hand-tied methods.

But before we get into the grand reveal, let’s take a moment to review the basics of the hand-tied extensions we provide at the Izabela Karnas luxury hair salon in Temecula, CA.

Our two main types of hair extensions hand-tied methods are NBR and IBE. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Natural beaded row extensions: Natural beaded row (NBR) hair extensions use hand-tied wefts of hair. A stylist applies a track using beads and string to evenly distribute the weight of the hair extensions across the scalp.

  • Invisible bead extensions: Invisible bead extensions (IBE) are hand-tied hair extensions that use a flexible, beaded foundation to hide the attachment points completely.

Benefits of Hand-Tied Extensions

NBR and IBE hair extensions offer benefits that other conventional hair extensions can’t compete with. Our favorite? Hand-tied extensions give our clients the most natural, lightweight, comfortable hair they’ve ever experienced. And we’re pretty sure once you try hand-tied extensions, you’ll never be tempted by another method again. Here’s why!

No Pulling or Damage

We love that hand-tied extensions don't damage hair when they’re applied and cared for properly. Plus, there isn’t any adhesive or damaging heat used during the application and removal of your hair extensions. No glue is a huge bonus for anyone with an active lifestyle! The wefts are lighter too, so you can rock the same amount of hair as other methods without the extra weight, which equals less pulling. No damage and gorgeous tresses? Yes, please!

Virtually Invisible

Your stylist gently sews hand-tied hair extensions in by attaching wefts to your natural hair. Since hand-tied weft extensions are lightweight, they blend in seamlessly. We especially love the flawless finish you get with this application method – no one will believe you’re wearing extensions unless you actually show them. (You might even forget too!)

Full Volume and Added Length

You glow with that flow! Hand-tied extensions give tired tresses a bit of a refresh and tons of voluminous length – perfect when your hair isn’t growing as fast as you’d like or you have fine hair that needs a little pick me up. Hand-tied extensions give you all the thickness and added length you crave and quickly help you reach your hair goals.

Hair Styling Freedom

This might be our favorite part – you can wear your hair however you want! Yes, you can finally rock a thick, high pony or opt for a sophisticated updo with your hand-tied extensions! No matter what look you’re feeling, your hair will look flirty and fab – and your wefts won’t show! And because hair extensions hand-tied methods use high-quality human hair, you can heat-style and brush your hair just like you would your natural hair.

STYLING TIP: Always use sulfate-free and clean beauty products on your hand-tied hair extensions to keep them looking natural and healthy!

Best Candidates for Hand-Tied Extensions

Hand-tied extensions work best for virtually every client! They’re perfect if you have medium to thick hair density and want to add some oomph to your current length. If your hair is fine or thin, you can use the hair extensions hand-tied methods to thicken your hair in a way that’s more natural and less bulky. Luxury hand-tied extensions can also help disguise COVID hair loss and provide a much-needed boost of confidence without further damaging your already fragile hair.

The Process of Hand-Tied Extension Application

When you’re ready to try hand-tied hair extensions, we can't recommend scheduling a consultation with our luxury salon enough! During a consultation, we talk about your unique lifestyle and hair extension needs and wants to make sure hand-tied extensions can deliver the results you’re looking for. If you’re a good candidate, get ready because the fun part (and those bomb hair extensions before and afters come next!

We start by custom coloring your extensions for a perfect match and the ultimate natural blend. We typically install two rows, with each row taking about 45 minutes on average. (It can be more or less time depending on your hair!)

After we finish installing your brand-new, luscious locks, we give you a fresh cut to blend your hand-tied extensions into your natural hair even more.

And then... it’s time for a glam photoshoot to show off your gorgeous new look! If you started with short hair, hand-tied extensions before and afters can be quite dramatic. Here are some of our clients who’ve refreshed their locks at our luxury salon.

(Bet these short hair hand-tied extensions before and afters will inspire your hair dreams!)

Time for Your Glow Up with Luxury Hair Extensions

Eager to flaunt your own hair extensions before and afters? Get ready for your close-up with Izabela Karnas! Our hand-tied extensions expertise will totally transform your tresses! As a luxury hair extensions specialist certified in the natural beaded rows hair extensions and invisible bead extensions method, you know you’re always in good hands.

Book your consultation at our luxury hair salon in Temecula, CA, to get started today!

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Unknown member
May 31, 2023

Machine WEFT from MY Hair company can compete with Hand-tied WEFT.

WEFT of our production is very thin and durable! Thanks to high-quality materials, you will be able to use them for more than 1 year!

Contact us and find out more!

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