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How to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer: Top Tips from a Blonde Hair Expert

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Beach trips. Days spent poolside. Yes, summer is officially in full swing! If you want to keep your hair looking its best and maintain your blonde locks during the summer months, you’ll need to take a little extra care. The sun, chlorine, and saltwater can all take a toll on your delicate strands.

As your personal blonde hair expert, I’ll let you in on some of the pro tips I’ve learned throughout my career, including how to keep blonde hair healthy this (and every!) summer. But first, I’ll share exactly how to tell if your hair is healthy or needs some major TLC and how to restore your hair to its former glam glory!

How to Tell If Your Hair Is Healthy

how to keep blonde hair healthy

There are a few pretty clear warning signs that your hair needs to be rescued. One of the first signs is if your lightened locks look dull and feel a bit dehydrated.

How else can you tell if your hair is healthy or if you’re dealing with damage? Here are a few signs your blonde hair might screaming for a revival:

  • Dry, dull, and brittle hair: Damaged hair cuticles lack the shininess and smoothness of properly moisturized hair.

  • Scalp irritation: Excess product buildup or dryness can cause an irritated scalp and affect your hair follicles.

  • Tangled strands: Getting more knots than usual? It could be because your cuticle layer is damaged.

  • Increased shedding: It’s totally normal to shed hair every day, but if it becomes noticeable or excessive, you could be dealing with hair breakage.

  • Split ends: When cuticle layers get damaged, your hair feels thinner and rougher, especially closer to the ends.

If your blonde strands are feeling less than stellar, here are a few tricks to keep things cool for the summer!

How to Keep Blonde Hair Healthy

The summertime heat and elements can wreak havoc on any hair color, but blonde shades are much more susceptible to damage. Ready to restore your light, lustrous locks and rock full and healthy hair all season long? These tips will keep your hair feeling fresh as the temperature rises!

how to tell if your hair is healthy

Protect Your Hair from UV Rays

AIIR Sapphire Leave In How to keep hair healthy

Planning to be outside all day? Before you hit the beach or the pool, grab a hat so you can shield your hair from UV rays. You should also use a UV protective spray, like AIIR’s Sapphire Leave-In Conditioner, to moisturize your hair and protect it from the sun. Always opt for clean products that have natural ingredients. (All AIIR products are free of parabens and sulfates!)

Avoid Chlorine Whenever Possible

Hair experts agree that chlorine is super damaging to your hair! Pool chemicals are harsh and can leave blonde hair a green tint or

brassy. No one wants dull, discolored hair after taking a dip in a chlorinated pool! Whenever you’re ready to make a splash, tie your hair up in a top knot bun to keep chlorine away from your strands.

Use Purple Shampoo for Brassiness

Okay, so summer got the best of you and your hair, and now you’re dealing with discoloration. It happens! Blondes should always have a purple shampoo on-hand. Purple shampoos help remove brassiness and bring some brightness back to your blonde locks. Try it out this summer to banish brassy tones and yellow hues.

Let Your Hair Air Dry

Hotter temperatures are already hard on your hair. No need to make it worse with a high-heat blow dryer or straightener on your fragile strands! Taking a break from the hair dryer this summer will boost your hair's strength and overall health.

Add Hair Oil to Your Routine

Help your blonde locks stay strong and glossy by using an at-home healing regimen with hair oil. I love AIIR’s Jade Hair Oil to strengthen blonde hair and reduce breakage. As an added bonus, it offers UV and heat protection for hot summer days. (If you have hair extensions, this is one of the best products to keep them healthy and strong!)

Make Your Summer Strands Shine with Blonde Hair Expert Izabela Karnas

Hair Expert

I’ve helped countless clients achieve the shades of their dreams and learn to maintain them. If you’ve been wondering how to keep blonde hair healthy and maintain your sun-kissed locks, keep this post handy next time you’re ready to hit the beaches for some summer sun.

If you’re ready for California-dreaming summer strands, I can help! Together, we can create the hair you’ve always wanted but never thought was possible. Book an appointment at my salon in Temecula, CA, and let’s make your hair goals a reality!


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