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Best Hair Products for Hair Extensions

If you have hair extensions or are thinking about getting them, the next step is creating a haircare routine to match. (Still deciding what kind of extensions to get? Our hair extension guide can help!) That’s because using the best hair extensions products possible determines how long your hair extensions last and how natural they look. Buying products for hair extensions and not sure where to start? This is the perfect place!

Best Hair Extensions Products

Good news: Your hair extension maintenance cost doesn’t have to be over the top. And you definitely don’t need to buy the most expensive products out there. Your best bet is finding quality products for hair extensions that work—without breaking the bank.

Want to skip the search? Here’s my list of the best products for hair extensions in 2022 highlighting essential products that help prevent hair extension damage and keep your tresses healthy and strong!

Gentle Hair Extension Brush

Ibiza Hair Round Brush  products for hair extensions

Using the right brush for your hair extension maintenance will keep your locks looking fresh. That means finding a brush that’s gentle on your delicate strands. I recommend a brush with softer boar bristles instead of the typical plastic bristle hairbrush.

A round brush is the perfect option for styling and setting your extensions. It leaves your hair soft and adds some bounce. I use the Ibiza Hair Round Brush and love how the narrow barrel and long bristles create texture, waves, and smoothness. This brush’s combination of natural boar bristles and unique carbon fiber heat-resistant technology helps you style your hair with ease.

Nourishing Hair Oil

Hair oil is one of the absolute best hair products for hair extensions! Using a hair oil regularly

strengthens your locks and reduces breakage, leaving you with tons of brilliant shine. The added moisture helps prevent dryness, and many hair oils offer some protection against UV rays and heat to cut down on any hair extension damage. I love using AIIR Jade Hair Oil to create brilliant shine, lock in hydration, and soothe flyaways and dry ends. (Oh, and the jade and bay leaf protect your energy, and attract and manifest abundance, too!)

AIIR Jade Hair Oil hair extension maintenance

Apply a small amount of oil from mid-shaft all the way through the ends of your hair extensions and brush through for even application. Let the oil dry fully before styling to up your hair’s manageability, volume, and totally touchable softness.

Finishing Serum

Anyone looking for the best hair extensions products shouldn’t confuse serum with hair oil! They’re totally different! Hair serum is a silicone-based styling product that coats the hair's outer layer; hair oil is more of a nourishing treatment. Serum is one of the best hair products to promote healthy hair and there’s a reason it made the list this year, too! Finishing serum adds much-needed shine, smoothness, and an extra layer that fights humidity and pollution.

Iles Formula Finishing Serum best hair products for hair extensions

My personal favorite is the Iles Formula Finishing Serum. You can use it on wet or dry hair. To me, it’s the perfect finishing product for wash days! After shampooing and conditioning your hair, apply a small amount of serum to each section of your wet hair before blow drying. If your hair feels a bit dry or you notice any dreaded split ends, you can add a small amount to help strengthen and repair your extensions. I always recommend concentrating this product on your ends where moisture is needed most!

Hydrating Leave-in Conditioner

When clients ask me how to prevent hair extension damage, I tell them the key is keeping your hair hydrated! A leave-in conditioner is a great alternative to a hair oil or serum: It provides many of the same benefits in a lightweight formula. For added softness and improved elasticity, reach for a leave-in conditioner, especially when your hair needs an extra boost of moisture. Leave-in conditioner also works wonders as a hair detangler, banishing any pesky knots in your locks.

My go-to product is AIIR Sapphire Leave-in Conditioner. This one has an amazing added bonus: It protects your hair from UV rays, thermal styling, and environmental damage. I love it because it reduces frizz and adds smoothness without weighing your hair down. It’s safe for daily use and helps extend the life of color treatments. Whenever I need to restore hair’s balance (or could use some peaceful energy), I spritz this sapphire-infused spray on.

AIIR Sapphire Leave-in Conditioner

Get the Best Hair Extensions With Izabela Karnas

Now that you’ve got all your products for hair extensions stocked, you need the best hair extensions!

Get the most natural and lightweight hair with hand-tied hair extensions from our luxury salon in Temecula, CA. Book a consultation to see and feel the quality of our hair extensions.


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