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Taking Care of Your Hair This Winter

The combination of dry air and low temperatures can wreak havoc on your hair! This is why you’ll often find yourself dealing with hair breakage and frizz during the winter.

Cold, dry air can cause the cuticle of your hair to lift, which doesn’t give moisture a fighting chance in your strands. Combine this with wind and static, and the hair problems are never-ending! The key here is to protect your tresses from the elements and keep them hydrated so your hair won’t be singing the winter blues this season.

If you’re asking yourself, “Why is my hair so dry?” take note of these winter hair care tips to revive your strands during the cold months ahead!

Winter Hair Care Tips

As a hairstylist, I always recommend that my clients use natural or organic hair products when they can. It’s essential to avoid potentially harmful ingredients in your hair care routine to keep your hair strong and healthy. Keep this in mind when using products to maintain your hair health or bring life back to your dull and brittle strands.

Now on to the winter hair care tips for long and strong strands despite the chilly temps—the cold never bothered us anyway! The best practices below cover how to prevent damage, protect your hair, and restore moisture.


  • Avoid overwashing your hair, which will strip the much-needed (especially during the winter!) natural oils from your strands. The result? Dry hair and a flaky scalp. Aim to wash your hair two to three times a week.

  • Use a dry shampoo on the in-between days when you don’t wash your hair. The m'Chel Day After Brush is one of my favorites! It’s made of only four simple ingredients to deodorize and freshen your tresses.

  • Use gentle shampoos that don’t have harsh chemicals like sulfates, which can further dry out your hair. I recommend Iles Formula Haute Performance Shampoo as the best shampoo for dry hair because of its delicate formula that gently cleanses.

  • Wash your hair with lukewarm water and give it a cold rinse to seal in moisture. Hot water on your hair can remove its natural oils and make it more prone to breakage. Cold water closes your cuticles after washing and conditioning, giving your hair a smoother and shinier look.


 winter hair care tips
  • Wear a hat, beanie, or hoodie to shield your strands from the elements. Cold and dry air mixed with snow, wind, or rain is a recipe for hair disaster.

  • Unfortunately, cotton and wool materials can lead to more breakage, so protect your locks by wearing items that have silk or satin linings (or you can wear a scarf or hair wrap underneath!).

  • Banish static electricity under your hat by using hair oil for dry hair to hydrate frizzy strands and soften damaged hair. I love using AIIR Jade Hair Oil—it’s rich in fatty acids from the sacha inchi plant and coconut oil, which hydrate and soothe dry strands.


  • Rehydrate your parched locks with a moisturizing conditioner. Think of conditioning your hair as nutrition to keep it healthy and balanced! As far as the best conditioner for dry hair goes, you can’t go wrong with Iles Formula Haute Performance Conditioner. Say goodbye to dryness with their formula that repairs and nourishes damaged strands.

  • If you’re still wondering, “Why is my hair so dry?” use an ultra-moisturizing leave-in conditioner like AIIR Sapphire Leave-In Conditioner. Heal your hair from the inside out for softer and more manageable locks. Keeping your hair hydrated will combat the effects of drying winter winds.

  • When you need that added boost of moisture, a hair mask like Iles Formula Haute Performance Hair Mask is essential and can be applied one to two times a week. Strengthen, restore, and nourish your strands by using this reparative hair mask that won’t weigh your hair down.

Keep Your Hair Healthy All Year Long

winter hair care tips

Don’t let the cold weather get you down! These winter hair care tips will ensure you don’t struggle with dry and brittle strands as the temperatures drop. When your hair makes it past the winter season, continue to take extra care of your strands. It’s always beneficial for your hair to stay moisturized throughout the year!

If you’re looking for a hair pick-me-up this winter, treat yourself to a day at my salon in Temecula, CA. I specialize in NBR and IBE hair extensions to give your hair natural-looking length and volume.

Book your appointment for flawless hair no matter the season. Let’s make your hair dreams come to life!


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